Uncanny Valley, a collboration between Stacie Ant and Mr Eff

still from video

Future Shock

In 2020, during the onset of the pandemic, Stacie Ant collaborated with MR Eff, a California-based electronic music artist, to produce a music video for the track "Uncanny Valley". They visualized a dystopian world highlighting corruption and vanity where individuals, residing in bleak apartments reflecting their deteriorated health, connected to devices that transported them to a video game-like mall setting. Here, their avatars indulged in superficial activities like flirting and self-admiration. They later ventured into a wellness store, satirizing the toxic positivity prevalent at the time. Within this store, MR Eff cameoed as a 3D clerk selling pills. In a subsequent scene, the avatars consumed these pills in a meditation space, leading to a chaotic digital encounter that ended with a system failure and dire consequences for the users connected to their VR devices.


The Video was featured in the Design Museum Den Bosch, Trinity Square Video, Young Urban Performance, Metronom Gallery, and LA Artcore. This video also got Stacie Ant a nomination as Creator of the Year at the MET AMS.