Stacie Ant Collaboration with Infinite Objects

What is Infinite Objects?

Infinite Objects is a company that creates unique physical objects that display video art. They specialize in creating "video prints" that display a looped video on a small screen embedded in a sleek black frame.

The videos can be original works of art, film scenes, music videos, or any other type of video content. The Infinite Objects are designed to be standalone pieces of art that can be displayed on a shelf or hung on a wall like a traditional print.

They can also be personalized with custom videos or images. Infinite Objects merges the worlds of digital and physical art by creating a new medium for video art.

The New Kingdom

In 2022, during NFT NYC's "Women of the World" exhibition at NowHere Gallery, Stacie Ant was introduced to Infinite Objects. Her artwork, not available for purchase at that time, was showcased alongside 300+ female artists. This meeting paved the way for a collaboration where Stacie crafted "The New Kingdom", a tangible artwork for Infinite Objects. This piece, animated using Blender, features a pastel-colored, fairy-like alien in a world where nature and technology merge, symbolizing their harmonious coexistence. It's now available for purchase on the Infinite Objects website.

The artwork is now available for purchase on the Infinite Objects website. You can purchase it by following this LINK.