Designing 3D erotic clothing for HART Mag

What is HART Mag?

HART Mag is a cutting-edge Berlin-based magazine and store that specializes in erotic, queer, and fetish art. This platform caters to a fashion-forward community of artists who are inspired by erotica, featuring zines and an extensive collection of erotic art that celebrates sexuality and diversity.

Stacie Ant designed an 8-page spread for Berlin’s HART Mag featuring an imaginary erotic clothing line. The series is called The Midnight Channel.

The Midnight Channel

Stacie Ant's 3D erotic clothing collection, "The Midnight Channel," is influenced by late-night adult channels from her childhood and the role of branded logos in shaping identity and sexuality. She utilized programs like Zbrush, Substance Painter, Marvelous Designer, 3Ds Max with Vray, and Photoshop to craft the visuals, and the collection was prominently featured in a magazine. The entire line has been transformed into NFTs available on Foundation.