Nike AirMax

Creative Lead and World Design: @damara_in_ctrl Avatars Design: @allangregorio Digital Fashion Design: @jak_3d Animation: Stacie @whosthereplease

Nike Look Book of the Future by Stacie Ant

For the 'Nike Look Book of the Future' project, associated with the AirMax campaign, Stacie Ant, founder of CLC, was the lead 3D artist. She had the crucial role of organizing and assembling assets gathered from an international team. Beyond her organizational contributions, Stacie also crafted the animations that brought the project to life.

Digital Storytelling

The campaign's unique approach involved recreating real-life influencers in a detailed 3D format. The team then designed Nike-inspired outfits, imaginative creations that are not found in reality. To further amplify the narrative, a vibrant 3D world was crafted, symbolizing the passions and values held dear by these influencers. The project elegantly combined the AirMax shoes with a novel digital storytelling method, offering a deeper insight into the influencers' inner realms and aspirations."

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